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7 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Landscape

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Your home landscape won’t hold its own without any TLC. No matter how well-designed and beautiful it is right now, sooner or later, it will lose its appeal and you will need to find a way to bring back its former glory. But when do you know that it’s time to redesign your outdoor yard and garden space?

A landscaping expert in Mosely, Virginia talks about the following telltale signs:

1. Cleaning doesn’t seem to make a huge difference

You spend an entire day tidying your yard but cleaning doesn’t make your turf look any better. If this happens, it’s usually due to an overgrown landscape. This means your yard and/or garden no longer adheres to what was an initially clear design, and that various elements have begun squeezing into one another. Some elements such as the grass or some bushes may already be overgrown while other sections of your landscape may not be getting the nutrients needed.

2. Trees are growing too big

After some time, there are certain types of trees that will become overgrown and start blocking out light from entering your property. Large trees also prevent grass from growing underneath them due to lack of necessary sunlight. Trees are still a crucial aspect of your landscape, but do consider pruning, cutting, or replacing them when they become diseased or are already beyond repair.

3. Displeasure comes to mind whenever you look at your landscape

One of the clearest signs that you need to update your landscape is when you no longer enjoy looking at it. Among the best benefits of having a yard is being able to de-stress with and get pleasure from it. If you find yourself staying indoors on days when you normally like to stay in your garden, you may have to reexamine your landscape and think about what needs to change.

Some ideas that can make your landscape design more appealing and functional may include:

  • Incorporating hardscaping
  • Installing sitting areas
  • Updating the patio
  • Adding water features

4. It appears old-fashioned

Similar to fashion and interior design, landscaping trends come and go. What may have seemed modern and great several years ago may start looking a little dated with the passage of time. Normally, you should be updating your landscape at least once every five years to maintain a pleasant and fresh look.

5. Winter damage

Changes in the seasons can also take a serious toll on a well-maintained landscape. Whether water damage or fallen branches have taken their toll on your turf, you need to revamp your landscape before summer comes around.

Spring is the perfect time to initiate some changes in your landscape as plants are more likely to thrive. Ask experts in your local garden center or landscaping professionals for advice on reviving your yard, and what blooms and plants you can add to your garden.

6. Common areas have seen better days

Other than trees and grass, common areas should also get an update as this is where people gather to converse and take pleasure in an outdoor space. If your home or any property has a common outdoor recreation or sitting area, make sure that these are still in good condition.

There’s no need to buy expensive outdoor furniture every year to remake common areas. By simply rearranging them and adding some new plants or walkways, you can give your common areas a brand new look.

7. Brown grass

Whether your turf is dying from simple neglect, lack of water, or lack of nutrients, brown grass is an obvious sign that you need to do something about your landscape. Don’t lose hope. Even an unsightly brown lawn can still turn back into a verdant landscape with the help of professionals in lawn care in Mosely, Virginia.

Lawn care experts may recommend installing a sprinkler system to make sure your turf gets enough water. More importantly, a professional takes away the guesswork – making your life much easier. If you have the budget, you can also hand over the responsibility of restoring the health of your landscape to the pros. Then you can simply work on maintaining it later.

Enjoy your own green corner

Remember the reasons you had your landscape set up in the first place. Aside from it being the first thing people see when they pass by or enter your property, it should also please you the most, the owner.

If you think your existing outdoor space is no longer attractive, and no longer serves as your personal “green comfort zone,” it’s may be time to make a change. Your landscape may need additional TLC and nourishment. Or it can benefit from a bit of updating, so don’t be afraid to try out some new landscaping designs.

A good landscape sets the character of a home or any property. If you notice any of the signs above and no amount of work seems to make your outdoor space look as good as it was, don’t hesitate to call a professional landscaping service for help.