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7 Ways to Reduce Stress During a Move

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If you’re looking at condos for rent in Las Colinas, TX a move is likely in the near future. Moving can be an extremely stressful time—but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Positano Homes, our team has compiled seven tips to reduce stress for those moving into new homes in Las Colinas, TX.

1. Estimate the Cost of Moving

You’ve surely already budgeted for application fees, pet, utility and security deposits along with the first month’s rent necessary to secure Las Colinas condominiums. However, by estimating additional logistics-related expenses beforehand, one can prevent stressful monetary surprises. Packing supplies, truck rental, insurance and gas will typically be needed for local moves, and long distance hauls will be more costly. In addition to the aforementioned, meals, lodging or airfare, additional fuel and toll fees can rack up quickly.

2. Give Yourself Ample Time

Time is your friend and the more of it you allow before moving day to accomplish your goals the less stress you’ll experience. Remember, going through everything and packing it can be both emotional and time consuming, so it’s wise to start preparing even before looking at Las Colinas homes to rent.

3. Gather Your Troops

Almost everyone moves at some point in their lives—often multiple times. Don’t be hesitant to ask for assistance from friends you’ve helped in the past, and don’t forget about reliable family members.

4. Create a List for Organizing, Downsizing, Decluttering and Packing

Right behind time as your best friend, consider the convenience of having an organized list replete with timeframes concerning each aspect of your move. Moving is the ideal time to downsize and declutter. Separate things into stacks: keep, give away, donate and trash for quick start on packing.

5. Make a Plan for Valuables and Primary Move-in Needs

Whether you’re DIY moving or hiring pros, pack valuables like jewelry, expensive heirlooms or vital paperwork separately and keep them separate from ‘common’ moveables. There’s nothing that increases stress more than being concerned about replacing these items.

6. Establish Self-Care as a Priority

While it can be tempting to skip meals, showers or breaks, the body needs fuel to succeed in a move. A hungry, tired individual is sure to feel stress anytime and this will only worsen combined with the pressures of an impending move. Make yourself a priority, even if the move must be delayed a day or two.

7. Hire Professional Movers

A surefire way to reduce stress is to hire professional movers who can handle everything from packing to unpacking or simply by loading and unloading the truck at your current residence and destination. As a perk, many moving companies provide moving supplies as a part of their contracts.

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