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Debunking The Myths About Vacuum Cleaners

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Using vacuum cleaners at homes and offices becomes easier if you have proper knowledge about their features and functionality including the advantages and disadvantages. Gaining proper knowledge about vacuum cleaners is easy only if you approach the right people who have a clear concept about the technology involved in the working of this machine. However, finding the right resources to guide you about vacuum cleaners is tough.

Here are the top 3 myths about vacuum cleaners

  1. The AMP Rating on motor indicates the performance is a wrong conception as this is in no way involved with the vacuum’s performance. Even the devices with lower AMP Rating deliver better performance. AMP Rating only indicates the amount of energy used by the device.
  2. Setting the vacuum as low as possible helps better with carpet cleaning is another myth that’s totally wrong. The higher you set the vacuum, better it cleans. The vacuum should be placed only as low as its brushes meet the carpet surface. Setting the vacuum too low obstructs the air flow and results in unnecessary strain on vacuum motor.
  3. Bagless vacuums are better than bagged vacuums is another myth because the best manufactured vacuums come with bags. Some Bagless vacuums are good but not all.

Who can help you learn about vacuum cleaners?

  1. People specializing in technical aspects and technology related to vacuum cleaners can be very resourceful in guiding you about the proper functioning of these devices.
  2. People dealing in manufacturing or servicing of vacuum cleaners can be the best guides to educate you about its various parts and their role in improving the functions of the device.
  3. People dealing in accessories and ancillary parts of vacuum cleaners can be equally helpful as they can guide you about the various accessories and their utilities, including the best ways to use them and increase the device’s longevity.
  4. It is always recommended to approach people or professionals who are actively involved with the agencies authorized to sell branded vacuum cleaners and offer services pertaining to the supply of accessories and regular servicing and repairing works whenever required. These people are not only highly knowledgeable about vacuum cleaners; they can further connect you with the right professionals who can guide you about the different features in a vacuum cleaner.

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