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Five Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer looking for homes for sale in Rockport Texas, finding an experienced realtor to represent your interests is a must. Here are five tips for finding the right real estate agent to ensure a successful experience.

1.   Investigate an Agent’s Recent Client Experiences

When hiring a real estate professional don’t hesitate to ask for a list of recent client’s contact information for references. Also, ask potential agents about listings sold in the last year, the asking prices of the homes and the ultimate selling price. It’s a good idea to ask how long those properties were on the market as well.

2.   Choose an Agent with Appropriate Credentials

Like many other professionals, real estate agents do have credentials and some receive specialized training in specific areas of the trade. For example, if an agent considers themselves a Realtor and uses a capital ‘R’ after their name, they are a member of the National Association of Realtors. Others may use CRS to indicate they have completed training to be a Certified Residential Specialist, while ABR means an agent is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. Find an agent who meets your needs.

3.   Find an Experienced, Local Agent

You need an agent familiar with the local markets and demographics of Rockport, and of course you want them to have ample experience. Explore how long they’ve been in the business, and strive for one that’s been practicing for at least five years if possible.

4.   Check for Disciplinary Actions and an Active License

Has the potential agent run into trouble with your state’s regulatory body or is their license suspended for some reason? Working with unlicensed or unsavory agents can equal big trouble, and this information can be found easily online.

5.   Check Out Current Listings

Does the agent have a healthy amount of listings online? Do they seem to specialize in particular areas, and what do their listings seem to have that stand out? You want an agent with multiple listings that look appealing, but not so many that they may not have much time for your business.