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Here’s How To Determine How Many Portable Toilets You Need For An Event

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There is no question, renting a port a pot is must for an event of any size. The need is greater when the festivities are happening outdoors and there are no permanent toilets on the grounds. Event organizers no longer question if renting porta potties is necessary, they must, however, know the right number of units to order. Sadly, there is no right answer. The number will depend on several factors.

These are the most important factors worth considering to help you decide on the right number of portable toilets for an upcoming event:

Factor 1: The Number Of Attendees

The first factor to consider when renting out a Port a Pot is the number of attendees expected during the event. Of course, it makes sense that the more people, the more portable toilets are needed. As a basis, remember that for small-scale events with less than 50 people, 2 units can suffice. However, there are still other factors to take into account that will affect the final number of toilets to rent.

Factor 2: Length Of The Event

Another important factor that will affect the final number of porta potty units is the number of hours or days of the event. The longer the event will last, the number of toilets you will need. To help make the calculations easier, it is fair to say that 5 portable toilets for a 10-hour event with 100 attendees are enough.

The lines can get long with just 5 toilets for everyone to use, but that is the bare minimum for the scale of the event mentioned.

Factor 3: Availability Of Alcohol

Guests at the event are 30%-40% more likely to use the bathroom when they drink alcohol. When alcoholic drinks are being served at the event, adding a few extra toilets will lessen the queue for each bathroom. The additional portable toilets will also help keep the venue clean as there will be less instance of indecent urination in public areas.

Factor 4: The Weather

No one event planner wants rain during the day of the event because it can lead to a lower turn out. Extreme heat and humidity, on the other hand, might require additional bathrooms. Guests will hydrate more often which will lead to increased bathroom visits. Although it might not seem like a major factor, the weather can affect the right number of portable toilets for each event.

Factor 5: Budget

The biggest factor of all: the budget. Take a good long look at the event’s budget and make sure that you have set aside more than enough for porta potty rental. If not, you may have a big problem on your hands and the day progresses.

The More, The Merrier

Make sure to rent more than enough portable toilets for your next event by weighing in the different factors mentioned. It is always better to have extra toilets than to have guests lining up for hours to use the only facility available.

When people are on the go and they need to go, a port a pot is a big blessing. If you need to rent a portable toilet, contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service today.