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How Can I Add A Spare Room To My Home?

While some people may choose a park model home as a way to save space, the affordability of the buildings is more of a draw for many customers. However, there comes a time at which the small space starts to feel cramped, and you find yourself asking if there’s a way to add a room for park model trailers without having to move into a larger home. Fortunately, the answer is yes, with park model sunrooms. Between 4 or 3-season sunrooms, the 3 season is by far and away the most popular and affordable option.

3 season rooms for park models have long been a traditional way to add a spare room into the house. They are a cheaper alternative to all season rooms as they don’t need to be connected to your heating system nor do they need an additional fan or air conditioning unit to keep them cool. However, you can expect to pay more or less depending on how you set up the following options:

  • Size – it goes without saying that the bigger the sunroom you order, the more you’ll end up paying. However, adding your park model sunroom onto the end of the house, as opposed to the front, will cost you a little more as you have removed the external wall to replace with double doors. The front already has this infrastructure built in so it will save you some money.
  • Construction material – despite the name sunrooms, Calgary residents will find that they can use their extra space for most of the year, especially when the room is made out of well insulated materials. Cheaper constructions will offer aluminum as a lightweight and inexpensive option, but this tends not to stand the weather well, so looking at a steel alloy or a wooden frame will work out cheaper in the long run, once maintenance and repairs are taken into consideration.
  • Insulated windows – the whole point of a sunroom is to allow as much light in as possible. This in turn heats the room up and saves your electricity bill. However, more windows means more heat loss, so you need to decide if the extra cost of having double glazed windows and a self-heating room is worth the initial outlay.

The final way to save yourself money is to build a prefabricated room and install it yourself. This is only advisable if you’re a builder or handyman by trade, as the wiring, connections and weather proofing are all expert level jobs, and ones that can easily ruin both your brand new addition and your original home if not completed correctly.

When you’re looking for a building company, you’ll need to remember to add “park model home” when you’re searching for Calgary’s best sunroom reviews. It’s easy to get in conversation with your builder without them realizing the type of home of you have, and not all builders are qualified to add a spare room onto a park model home.