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How To Choose The Right Roofing Material?

Thinking about remodeling a home is quite fascinating, but choosing the right type of roofing material is quite confusing as there a wide variety of roofing materials are available in the market. Thus, before investing in your roofing material, you should understand what you’re getting into, what type of weather condition the roof will face or how much is your budget? You may get help from the best roofing Kitchener by D’Angelo and Sons. They have huge experience in roofing installation and they will help you choose the best roofing material for your home. Here, we have elaborated the most popular roofing materials that are used by most of the homeowners:

  • The Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingles are the most eminent roofing material in Canada because they are easy to install and come with a wide variety to choose from. This material lasts from 15 up to 50 years. Due to its easy installation process, you can get ready your roof in a single day without any hassle and any long wait.  Moreover, it is the most affordable type that needs low maintenance. Usually, people like them as they have a wide array of shapes, colors and other options too.

  • Clay or Concrete Roofing Tile

These tiles are based on clay or made from concrete. These tiles are also durable, but they are quite heavy so you need to develop a strong underlying structure that bothers their heavyweight. These tiles are available in different designs and also come in the mimic of wood shake. Beside it, the fireproof feature makes them widely used in fire-prone areas. These tiles come with more than 50 year warranty.

  • Synthetic Tile Type Of Roofing

This is the improved version of traditional tiles. These tiles provide your classy look with its modern designs. These tiles are much durable than traditional tiles as it may last more than 40 years if proper maintenance is done from time to time. Moreover, they are considered as the most fire resisting tiles that come in different colors.

  • Wood Roofing

If you want an attractive wood look in your home’s roof, you may install wood roofing on your home. But, they are a little bit expensive than the other roofing materials. Furthermore, they are prohibited by the government in some area like fire prone areas as of its vulnerability to fire.

  • Slate Roofing

These tiles are made from metamorphic rocks that make them highly long-lasting. Their natural colorings provide the roof with a unique architectural style. They are best for all severe weather conditions like heavy rains, strong winds and hails.