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How to Find the Best Moving Companies to Hire

Moving for the first time and decided to hire some moving professionals? It won’t be surprising that you’re unsure as to how to move forward. Hiring them can be a little intimidating especially when you don’t know who to best work with and what to expect from that.

With all of the thinking and the stressing, you might be asking yourself if it’s indeed the better choice or you’d rather move on your own. That’s why we’re here to help you know what to look for in a reliable moving company and what to expect.

Qualities of a Good Moving Company

Basically, a good moving company is three things: reputable, affordable, and reliable.

A good reputation means one thing – people respect them because of their services and how they handle every move as well as how they approach their clients. Most of the time, these are the companies that are highly referred by past clients. You can ask some family or friend who they think can help you.

Hiring a moving company isn’t always cheap. But some companies have more affordable rates than others. They are also not afraid to tell you when it’s best to work with them for the cheapest rates.

Lastly, the professional mover you should hire should be someone reliable. You’ll be able to know whether a company is reliable through the reviews left by their past clients. You can either look it up at their site, through Google Reviews, and through sites like Yelp.

How to Find a Moving Company

Good movers are plenty, but the perfect one that suits your needs is rather hard. Here are some reminders and tips when it comes to choosing the company to work with:

  • Find a place that will take inventory of what you’re bringing along. They should be thorough in their inspection, especially when you’re moving bigger appliances and furniture. Normally, their rate highly depends on the bulk of your stuff and how much space it’ll take in their truck.
  • A moving company shouldn’t ask for a deposit. The whole payment should be given to them only after the delivery. In the event you want to pay beforehand, it should be through a credit card, so you are protected.
  • Always ask for reference when working with these types of companies. This is to ensure they are legit and they are reliable. You can also search organizations and associations that deal with movers. Check whether the company you’re eyeing is registered under them.
  • The company should have a license to operate and should have insurance in case something goes wrong with the move. This gives you extra security that everything will go according to plan.


Moving can already be stressful, you can ease some of the stress and headache by working with people who are qualified and who know what to do. To avoid even more problems, you can always research more about what to do when moving and about the company you’re hiring. It’s always best to be geared with knowledge, so you’re confident with every decision you make for this big moment in your life.