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How To Polish The Wooden Flooring?

One of the best things about wooden flooring is that it requires relatively fewer efforts in cleaning. However, the trick lies how to maintain your wooden flooring shiny and polished.

People are often scared that wooden flooring requires high maintenance. It is much lesser you would have thought of. All it takes is a straightforward change or fix in your daily routine, and you are all set to make the wooden floor shine.

Before, we get into the steps; it is essential to know the difference between polishing and refinishing. While cleaning, you are keeping the finish integral and restoring the floor’s finish.  In refinishing the floor, you are removing the old finish and replacing it with a new one.

Here are the steps on polishing the wooden flooring. To find out more, keep scrolling!

  1. Clear up space

Like any other cleaning, you do at home, during polishing of the wooden floor, you will require to remove all the furnishings and rugs. If there is heavy furniture, do not drag. Instead, call out a few people and lift it.

In case you don’t have much space, then keep the furnishing pieces on one side and start polishing.

  1. Dust and Debris

Right before polishing the floor, be certain that the floor is clean. Vacuum it or using a broom wipe off the dust and debris. Get into every corner and pay attention alongside the skirting boards. It will help you out in removing maximum dirt.

  1. Washing the Floor

The third step involves removing the dirty marks from the floor. For this, you need to have humid mop NOT THE WET MOP. Once you have wiped it, let it dry naturally or in urgency using a cloth.

  1. Polishing

Apply the polish with the help of a soft fabric. Divide into sections and begin from the corner. Once you have applied, let the floor dry. It will look white, and that’s where you need to start buffing. Ideally, use an electric buffer that will give you a consistent result. Repeat the process until you complete the entire flooring. So enjoy the results of newly polished wooden flooring!