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Searching & Moving into your Brand New Home

Finding the perfect home isn’t easy, but there are ways you can make it simpler for yourself. When searching the property market you would ideally have a vision of what your new home would be; three bedrooms, open plan kitchen, a large garden and perhaps even a conservatory. And when you find that new home, what do you do next? Removal companies in bangor are the perfect solution for that big move into your brand new home.

The search is all down to personal preference, but it does make a huge difference if you know what you are looking for from the start. Therefore, our first tip is to note down all the features you want your new home to have: how many bedrooms? Do you need a garage and/or a driveway? Do you need to be close to a school and public transport links? Is a large garden necessary?

Prioritise – What are the most important features when looking for property? For example, if your move is due to starting a family then consider the fact that additional space is a main factor, but also think of the future – a local school and perhaps a park would be ideal.

Be flexible – We all get an image in our heads of what our dream home would be, but in reality we don’t actually need everything we see. If you’re looking specifically for a three, four or even five bedroom house because you need it, then that’s fine. However if you know you don’t need that many rooms and would be happy with one or two less, then narrow it down.

Budget – Buying property isn’t the cheapest of tasks, but we all have a budget in mind that we can afford when it comes to that step in life. When searching for a house, consider whether any work needs to be done on the property. From there, add the estimated cost of that work onto the property’s price tag and see where that sits within your budget. If the house costs more than it’s worth, keep looking.

Start packing as soon as you can The best thing you can do to start packing as soon as you can with the items you don’t use so often. But be sure to build a system first so to save you time and energy when you finally move into your new home. Collect your used newspapers, magazines and bubble wrap which will be a great help when it comes to protecting your delicate possessions during packing. Mark your boxes on at least two sides so when it comes to the unloading, you can drop off the right boxes in the right rooms, making the unpacking process so much simpler.

Book your removals well in advance – To get the best deal, book your chosen removals as soon as you have a moving date. Last minute availability simply isn’t worth risking mishandling your worldly possessions for. Established removals are built on a reputation for moving your items, quickly and safely, using the correct equipment. They have the right experience to take the stress out of moving day.

ChecklistThis step could save you save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. It’s so easy to forget about notifying every single utility provider, credit card company and subscription about your new moving day and new home, but you if you don’t, you could well be charged for services beyond your occupancy period in the property.