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Seven Things Every Office Needs

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It does not matter how big or small your business is, all businesses tend to rely on the same set of 123ink office supplies. With that in mind, here are 7 basic things that every office needs!


If you have nothing else, stationery is something you definitely need.  Even without a computer, you can use stationery to hand write ideas, pitches, invoices, receipts, and more.  Of course, stationery is more than just paper and pencils, too. It could also include:  tape, paperclips, scissors, pens, erasers, highlighters, staplers, hole punches, and more.


Of course, even though typical stationery is pretty darned accessible, computers can be quite affordable these days.  And even if you don’t have a computer, a small business owner, these days, can often perform most of their office functions using just a mobile phone (or the apps they download, at least).  Honestly, a mobile phone is better than a computer in some cases, as it can perform some computing and business functions but also allows you to connect with people on the go.


Now, it is not enough to just have a computer: you also need the right software.  These are the programs that you choose because of how they can help you achieve your goals.  On your phone this “software” is known as “apps.”

#4:  PAPER

Yes, “paper” is technically considered stationery but it should be considered something a little special, too, because the term “paper” encompasses so many different types of things:  notepads, sticky notes, printing paper, photo paper, and envelopes.


Aside from a computer, you might also need other types of machines in your office. This is particularly true of larger offices. And these machines include things like copiers and printers but, of course, home printers are now quite multi-functional and can scan and copy, too.


There are lots of little tools you can acquire to help you stay organized. Things like paper clips, binder clips, binders, folders, files (and filing cabinet), will all help you stay on top of your budget, inventory, and administration tasks.


Again, if you have a small business, this might not be as important but a good desk is often a good idea.  Still, you might also look at storage and shelving options as well as special tables and chairs.