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Simple Mistakes People Make When Lightening Their Homes

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Some people might say. Lighting of all things, how can one possibly light a room in the wrong way? Truly, lighting a room may sound easy you know, get a lamp, switch it on and boom everywhere is lit. The thing is, lighting like any other thing can be done in a proper way.

Dressing, for example, you wouldn’t just wear anything and everything and say because you’re properly covered, you’re good to go. Would you? Below are some common mistakes that have been highlighted by the reputable lamp store, Le Studio Luminaires that people make when it comes to lightening their home.

#1: You don’t place lamps at appreciable heights

Home interior decors have their rules for placing lamps at particular heights where it serves its purpose best. 30 inches higher than a kitchen island so it is brighter somewhere in the middle where cooking is done, in the dining, the base of a chandelier should be as high as 66 inches from the floor and if it’s a reading lamp, let the lamp be at the level of your shoulders if you don’t want to get blind from it.

#2: You neglect the color of the walls                           

Just as wearing a dress requires that your skin color flows with it, the color of the walls may contrast that of the light. The light is there but it won’t fee bright enough if the walls are very darkly painted. You might want to consider repainting or adding more light because the walls will reflect the color of the paint they’re in.

#3: You don’t use dimmers

Not all hours of the day require the same quality and quantity of light, dimmers help you control the lighting of a room from different times of the day depending on the general light available.

#4: Don’t forget that light cast shadows of an object

If your lamp is not correctly positioned, you might be lighting some areas and making others darker. Putting lamps on opposite sides can help reduce this effect.

#5: You don’t get the proportions right

 The size of a chandelier shouldn’t be too big compared to the size of the room and the table, neither should it be too small. In relation to the table, the chandelier should be a little smaller.

#6: Oh, a lot of people forget that light uses energy and they have to pay for it.

The more lamps you use to light a room, the more energy you consume. Some bulbs consume more than the others so be smart with what you buy.