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When Should I Replace My Floor Scrubber Parts?

Your floor scrubber is probably one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you use. It allows you to feel confident about the cleanliness of your floors while saving time. Regular maintenance and proper repair, when needed are important to keeping your scrubber running efficiently. All parts of the machine should be checked regularly to keep downtime as minimal as possible. 

When considering floor scrubber equipment repair or replacement, there are four main components to consider: the brushes, the squeegees, belts, and the filter as well as the battery.

The floor scrubber has front brushes and a main scrub brush. The brushes can wear down and it’s key to replace them with original manufacturer parts as their brushes are balanced specifically for the machine. They help reduce motor damaging vibration, so it’s key to get proper replacements for them. Be sure to examine the brushes for wear. 

The squeegee is the part that actually does the cleaning and has the most impact on the cleanliness of the floor. The squeegee assembly cleans up dirt and caked on residue from the floor. Since the assembly has four sides, it can be rotated three times before replacement. When you notice streaks, or dirt, or water being left on the floor, it’s time to either rotate your assembly, or replace it. 

The belts are out of sight, but not out of mind. They ensure the internal components of the scrubber function properly. Belts wear out over time as they get hot and stretch. It is a good idea to replace the belts once or twice a year, even if they aren’t looking completely worn. They can decrease the functionality of the scrubber even before they wear out completely.

Most scrubbers have a filter that prevents dirt from making its way inside the machine and motor. To get the most out of a filter, it should be cleaned after every use. Even with proper cleaning, the filter can get old and needs to be replaced. Refer to your owners manual to learn how to remove and replace the filter. 

Most likely, your scrubber has a battery to power your machine. When it sounds like it’s constantly running low, it may need to be replaced. Replacing it timely ensures you get the most power out of your scrubber at every use. 

One way to avoid costly floor scrubber equipment repair costs is to routinely check all the parts of the machine and change them timely so they don’t degrade other parts of the floor scrubber. Your machine may have a factory warranty, but you can purchase a planned maintenance agreement that can help with maintaining your scrubber.